Government of SP starts coronavirus tests on students and teachers from the state network – 10/15/2020 – Education


The government of São Paulo started this Thursday (15) the testing of students and education professionals in state schools for coronavirus. The examinations began to be carried out after more than a month of the authorization for the reopening of the units.

“Back to school in São Paulo is being done safely, with adequate protection for students, teachers and employees. Correctly, always taking health and life into account, ”said Governor João Doria (PSDB), who followed the first tests at the state school Reverendo Almir Pereira Bahia, in Taboão da Serra.

Although the São Paulo state network has more than 3.5 million students, the state government announced that it will test only 19 thousand people, including students and education professionals. The purpose of testing is to estimate the prevalence of coronavirus infection when returning to face-to-face classes.

The testing program will begin at schools in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, with tests at five schools per municipality. In each unit, one hundred students and all servers will be tested.

“Today we started testing in the state school system to diagnose cases of Covid-19 and provide, if necessary, isolation in order to prevent transmission of the virus to those living with these people,” said Jean Gorinchteyn, secretary of Health.

Since September 8, schools have been allowed to reopen for extracurricular activities. However, the reopening depends on the release of the mayors of each city. In the capital, for example, the resumption was only authorized from October 7.

Doria’s testing plan is similar to that released at the end of September by the mayor of São Paulo Bruno Covas (PSDB), whose serological census will be carried out on 777 thousand students and education professionals.

In the case of the municipality of São Paulo, however, all 675 thousand students over 4 years old and 102 thousand education professionals will be tested.


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