Government requests INSS action against payroll complaints by C6 Bank – 10/16/2020


Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat), a body linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, asked the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) to take steps on the accreditation of C6 Consig (formerly Banco Ficsa), controlled by C6 Bank.

According to Senacon, there was an increase in the number of consumer complaints against the bank. The main complaint involves the assessment of the conditions necessary for the continuation of payroll loan operations.

In its complaints platform (, Senacon found that, of the total complaints filed against the financial company from January to September (707), two thirds (471) were made only in the last month.

In addition, the agency claims to have received reports of difficulty in contacting the company, discounts on payroll loans without having been contracted, and alleged access by third parties to the records of the “Meu INSS” application for retirees and pensioners.

Company says average complaints are falling

Wanted by Twitter, C6 Bank said in a note that, despite the increase in the number of complaints having increased, the average number of complaints considering the proportion of loans granted, is in “strong decline”.

“In September, this percentage was lower than the average for the first half,” said the bank, without revealing the figures.

C6 also said that the rules established for bank correspondents, the bank’s partners in the provision of payroll loans, involve immediate action when there is any situation of non-compliance.

“All cases are resolved without prejudice to the consumer. Our team remains available to provide the best service to our customers,” said the bank.

The bank reveals that more than 100 thousand payroll loans were closed in September and says that “the 471 complaints registered on the platform in the last month represent a small part of the total”.


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