Government updates risk map for Covid-19 in SC; see what’s changing in your region


In addition to the Serra, there was also a change in the classification of Alto Vale do Itajaí; State has 12 regions at the serious level

The number of regions with a serious level of contagion at Covid-19 remained at 12, according to the Risk Map updated by the State government. THE ND+ had access to the update on Thursday morning (15).

The changes are that Serra, which last week was at a high level, went to the low. The reason, according to the State Department of Health, was the worsening of indicators. In Alto Vale do Itajaí it was the opposite: the region fell from the grave to the top.

Map was released on the morning of Thursday (15) – Photo: SES / Disclosure

With the new classification, the regions at a high level (in yellow on the map) are West, Xanxerê, Alto Vale do Itajaí and Médio Vale do Itajaí. The others, on the other hand, remain considered to be of serious risk for Covid-19.

For the past four weeks, the State has not registered regions at a very serious level, the highest index on the map. In the new update, there are also no regions at a moderate level.

Four items are taken into account when evaluating the matrix: sentinel event, transmissibility, monitoring and attention capacity.

Alert for increased cases

Despite the improvement in the rates in recent weeks, the new update put four regions on alert due to the increase in the number of cases: Greater Florianópolis, Planalto Norte, Serra Catarinense and Extremo Sul.

In the Carbonífera, Laguna and Alto Vale do Rio do Peixe regions, information points out that the pandemic continues to expand. The alert is due to the mortality by Covid-19 in the week exceeding 2 for every 100 thousand inhabitants.

“There has been some stability in the past few weeks, but with an increase in cases over the past few days, this has been reflected in the matrix. It happened with the region of Serra Santa Catarina, for example. We built safe health regulations and we need people to respect and understand that the virus has not gone away ”, highlights the Secretary of State for Health, André Motta Ribeiro.

Back to school

In the four yellow-level regions, face-to-face classes are allowed. In the others, only pedagogical reinforcement activities are authorized.

In addition, in municipalities at a high level, it is also permitted to stock up to 70% of religious temples, clothing tests in shops and the holding of congresses or fairs with up to 40% of the public.

Table shows classification of each region – Photo: SES / Disclosure


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