Government will not force people to vaccinate against covid-19, says Bolsonaro


President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday (16.out.2020) that the federal government will not make the vaccine against covid-19 mandatory when the immunizer is available. Earlier, the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB) stated that the vaccination will be compulsory in the State.

In São Paulo vaccination will be mandatory, except for those who have medical advice and a medical certificate that they cannot get the vaccine. And we will adopt legal measures if there is a contradiction in that sense ”, said Doria, at a news conference in São Paulo.

In a publication made in its social networks, Bolsonaro did not mention the name of the governor. Wrote about article of Law 13,979, which determines mandatory is a possibility.

Despite art. 3, item III, letter “d”, of Law 13,979 / 20 provide that the government may determine the mandatory vaccination, the Government of Brazil does not see the need to adopt such measures NOR WILL I RECOMMEND ITS ADOPTION by local managers “, wrote the president.

The Ministry of Health will offer vaccination, safely, without accommodation, at the appropriate time, after scientific proof and validated by ANVISA, however, without imposing or making vaccination mandatory. ”

Bolsonaro also mentions Law 6,259, which determines that the Ministry of Health is responsible for regulating the National Immunization Program. States can “propose complementary legislative measures ”, who must have “prior consent of the Ministry of Health ”.

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