Gracyanne Barbosa ate 8 thousand eggs. Know the risks


Gracyanne Barbosa ate 8,000 eggs in the quarantine; know the risks and benefits of eating food.

Gracyanne Barbosa recently revealed that he ate eight thousand eggs during quarantine. The fitness model, therefore, has food as the basis of her diet. The egg is widely consumed by those who seek hypertrophy as a result at the gym. It is also a rich source of protein that is a key nutrient for building muscle mass.

However, the nutrologist Dr. Sandro Ferraz points out that there must be caution in consumption. Just like any other food. Despite the help that the nutrients present in the egg bring to the gain of lean mass.

“When they lay eight thousand eggs, most of the time most of what she eats is clear and not yolk. Which is the fatty part of the egg. This is probably the main source of protein in her diet ”, points.

Gracyanne Barbosa ate 8,000 eggs in the quarantine; know the risks and benefits of eating food
Dr. Sandro Ferraz – Photo Disclosure / MF Press Global.
Excess protein

Despite being present in other foods, the easy digestibility and absorption of egg protein, culminated in its popularity. In addition to accessibility from an economic point of view.

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“Any excess protein generates renal overload. That is, this nutrient has to be calculated between 1.5 to 2.5 grams in weight. This according to the diet of each person. But ingesting in large quantities can indeed cause risks ”, points.

History of kidney disease

In the case of people with a history of kidney disease in the family, therefore, attention should be redoubled. The organ eliminates unused protein by the body. This overloads their functions.

However, symptoms of this overload include kidney stones and liver problems. In addition to weight gain and osteoporosis. Since the excess nutrient causes increased calcium excretion.

Photo Disclosure / MF Press Global.

Non-athlete people do not need to consume this large amount of egg white each day. But if there is a goal and it is necessary to increase your intake, you should seek a nutrition professional. In order to avoid side effects, he will do a protein calculation properly, recommends Dr. Sandro Ferraz.

Benefits of eggs in the body

Assists in eye health. Rich in substances like lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that are in the retina. Ingestion of the egg can prevent eye disease and macular degeneration.

Promotes satiety. Those looking for a weight loss process, therefore, can benefit from eating eggs. In fact, the nutrients present in food contribute to satiety. Consequently, they cause the person to decrease the amount of calories consumed.

It’s good for the brain. According to a study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, due to the presence of vitamin B8, the egg can improve brain performance. And, it even decreases the risk of dementias.

Increase in lean mass. The egg provides the body with essential amino acids. These are not produced by the body, helping to repair and structure muscle fibers.


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