Gretchen’s wedding has more audience than famous lives – Prisma


Who misses a wedding?

Because the wedding of Gretchen and Esdras de Souza, this Wednesday (30), must have missed many people.

The ceremony, held at Orla in Belém, Pará, with the presence of about 100 guests, received a live broadcast on the internet, live with an audience to envy a very famous singer.

In 24 hours, Gretchen’s 18th wedding broadcast had more than 240,000 viewers on YouTube. Larger number than lives of big names in music.

To give you an idea, the most recent live by Frank Aguiar, the ‘puppy of the keyboards’, registered 117,000 viewers on the video platform in a week.

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The most recent live with Xandy dos Pilares got 187 thousand views in two weeks. That of singer Ana Carolina, days ago, had 185 thousand. Recent virtual show with the presence of the country duo Edson and Hudson registered 81 thousand views.

The Capital Inicial live, three weeks ago, was seen on YouTube by 194 thousand people.

Fernanda Takai’s show, from Pato Fu, had 103 thousand views.

In short, when it comes to lives, people prefer to see Gretchen get married again!


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