Grey’s Anatomy: Fan makes amazing montage of character from the series and goes viral; check out


Grey’s Anatomy fans go out of their way to immortalize some characters even after they leave the series.

Recently, we released content where a fanatic for ABC production tattooed the phrase symbol of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey): “Today is a beautiful day to save lives”.

And what else can be done to make a character considered important to be remembered? To answer this question, a montage by a netizen made it clear that although the changes to Grey’s Anatomy, fans would really like Meredith Gray to stay with her former love, now dead.

For those who don’t understand, when returning to the recordings of the 17th season, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Gray) published a photo on Instagram with her cast partner Richard Flood (Cormac Hayes), which was even “shipped” by many fans. If you didn’t see the post, check it out below.

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Taking advantage of the photo of the actress, an unknown internet user made a montage with Richard’s face and replaced it with Dempsey’s. The image was published by the profile @greysdepressao on Instagram.

Quickly, the post yielded several likes and comments such as: “It doesn’t make people’s hearts”, “I went to laugh and a tear fell”, “What if it’s not editing? Kkkkkkkkkkk hope is the last to die ”and“ I really wish it were true, I love them so much ”.

Although, as you can see, fans want a lot, the return of the actor to Grey’s Anatomy is not possible, since his character is dead.

Are you curious and want to check the result of the assembly? See below.


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