GTA 6 | New evidence indicates that the leaked map of Vice City is real


New evidence was found leading fans to believe that the leaked map of Vice City, allegedly from GTA 6, is completely legitimate. If you’re out of the picture, here’s the story so far:

In 2018, a random Twitter account called ‘9teen8E5‘posted several images, claiming to be from the GTA 6 map. However, those images have been overlooked, but a new photo, which appeared now on October 9, aligns perfectly with the previously leaked map images.

Basically, the oldest leak has become more legitimate. And now people are starting to look deeper into their Twitter account 9teen8E5, and found new evidence that could be crucial to prove that the leaks were real all the time:

These images appeared in 2018. Could they be real?

In addition the account 9teen8E5 just another one follows: called VG_Marketing, which, in turn, follows only one other account, as you may have guessed, is the 9teen8E5.

This discovery was critical because the account VG_Marketing features several photos that suggest she belonged to a kind of insider, based on photos from E3 and GamesCom from 2015.

However, the ‘great discovery’, in a way, comes in the form of a photo of a calendar, which has a caption that says: “Bored in the office. Burned. Looking for a career change. ”

Is VG_Marketing related to GTA 6?

Upon further inspection, users noticed what appears to be the company’s logo. Take-Two Interactive at the top of the image, suggesting that whoever managed the account worked for the Take-Two, who owns the Rockstar Games, and the developer of GTA.

So the fans started to speculate, 9teen8E5 could be getting inside information from VG_Marketing or could it be another account of the same individual?

In addition, the final tweet made by VG_Marketing says: “This will be my last tweet. Goodbye. Maybe I’ll see you in ‘Miami’. “

We remember that Vice City is a substitute name for Miami within the universe of Grand Theft Auto, so this could be more confirmation that the next destination in the series is back where one of its best games has been located.

Although this new evidence does not completely prove that the map is legitimate, it is certainly a new twist on the mystery that GTA 6 that, of course, has not yet been officially confirmed.

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