Guedes says that privatization is agreed in the Senate


Eletrobras (ELET6): Guedes says privatization is correct in the Senate
The privatization of Eletrobras has been stalled in the Chamber since 2019

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes told interlocutors that the privatization of Eletrobras (ELET6) is already agreed in the scope of the Federal Senate. The information was published in the Lauro Jardim column, in the “O Globo” newspaper.

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According to the economy, however, an agreement with the Chamber of Deputies is still missing. Guedes stated that the house lacks commitment to privatize Eletrobras.

Privatization is one of the main banners of the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro and Minister Paulo Guedes. Despite this, the federal government has only submitted one project for the sale of a state-owned company to Congress so far: the bill that would make the sale of Eletrobras feasible.

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The text, however, has been paralyzed in the Chamber since November 2019, when it was sent by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque.

In August, dissatisfied with the pace of privatization, Salim Mattar, who held the position of special secretary for Privatization and Privatization, left the boat saying he had been unsuccessful in planning during the 18 months he was in government.

In July, the head of the Economy portfolio said in an interview with the television network “CNN” that the Brazilian government would carry out four major privatizations within 90 days. The minister did not give further details about the companies and about the privatization plans, but it is clear that time is running out.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio de Freitas, declared last Thursday (22) that the privatization projects of Eletrobras and Correios “are things that will pass through Congress”.

Eletrobras’s last quotation

In the trading session on Friday (23), the shares of Eletrobras, listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (3) under the code “ELET6”, closed at R $ 33.34.


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