Gustavo Santos in tears: abandonment, violence, abortion and his father-in-law’s fight against death – National


During an interview with Manuel Luís Goucha, Gustavo Santos, 43, opened the book of his life. The former presenter of ‘Querido Mudei a Casa’, from TVI, recalled his childhood, how he grew up without a father and the day his father abandoned him when he was only 2 months old. This loss helped him to grow up in a damaged environment.

“I was two months old when my father left. I lived with my mother for seven years and then with a man she chose to marry. He was good for everyone, but my mother didn’t love him. He married with that man because he thought of a father for me first than of a husband for her “, he reveals, explaining that his mother always blamed him for having lost his true love.

She lost the man of her life and I was very blamed for that, because when we worship someone, anything that goes wrong we will blame that person … And she always blamed me. She verbalizes this to me: ‘It is because of you that your father left’. It is very violent “, he stresses.

Nowadays, son and mother have a good relationship, but only because they did “a job of forgiveness. “” I was not the perfect child for her either. I was a revolted son “, he explained, in tears, in front of Manuel Luís Goucha.


Gustavo Santos and Sofia Lima have two children: Salvador, three years old, and Xavier, six months old, and the former communicator at the Queluz de Baixo station guarantees that they are a very happy family. However, do not forget the dark period they lived between the birth of the two children.

During the interview with Goucha, a video is shown where Sofia remembers this moment. “I had an abortion and that was a moment that connected us a lot and that healed us and that made us rescue a power and strength that we thought was hidden”, you hear. Gustavo Santos assumes that it was a great pain, especially for the woman.

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“It was between Salvador and Xavier. We were in the hospital, she had a very painful procedure and I was dancing African songs in a closed room with curtains to see if she could laugh and relieve herself… I chose Sofia as the woman to hold my hand and face my great fear, to start a family“, he said, adding to the past.


Gustavo Santos cried again in front of the cameras when he heard the voice of his father-in-law, José António Lima, in a video with some words dedicated to him. The presenter spared no praise for the woman’s father, who is suffering from cancer.

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“Nobody knows how much longer he will be here and I hope it will be a long time, because he is a man who is needed in this world. He is a man who knows how to love unconditionally and who, even going through this very serious oncological process that sends him to the floor every day and that often does not get him out of bed, is more grandfather than my father and mother together. He’s the man who can’t get out of bed but asks if we need anything. “


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