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Gusttavo Lima makes the first live this Saturday (17), after announcing separation from model Andressa Suita last week.

The transmission will be made from 17h, directly from Mato Grosso, with the presence of Jonas Esticado and Bruno & Denner, on the Gusttavo channel.

The sertanejo singer announced the end of his 5-year marriage to Andressa on 9 September. He used social media to talk about it on Tuesday (13):

“I was not happy. You can be sure that I tried everything to maintain my marriage. It is not being easy, because separation creates suffering, after all we are human beings.”

On the same day, the model commented that the separation was something unexpected for her: “Just like for you, for me it was also a shock. Until last Sunday, for me everything was fine”.

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Andressa and Gusttavo had been together since 2012 and were married in 2015. The couple has two children: Gabriel, 3, and Samuel, 2.

Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita separate; see what each one said about the ending

End of the couple ‘Investe em Mim’

Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita helped to leverage the song “Investe em Mim”, sung by Jonas Esticado, an artist who is part of the sertanejo singer’s office.

Andressa even went up on stage to sing her favorite song and dance with her now ex-husband in previous lives.

Gusttavo Lima dances with Andressa Suita to the sound of ‘Investe em Mim’, by Jonas Esticado – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / JonasEsticado

In an interview with G1, Esticado recognizes the couple’s importance for the success of music outside the Northeast: “After that Andressa played with Gusttavo asking him to invest in her and he asked her to invest in him, that joke happened, and after that things changed” .

When asked by the singers’ advisors, they stated that the song is part of Jonas Esticado’s repertoire and did not confirm whether Gusttavo will sing it as in other broadcasts.

A confirmed duet of the sertanejo singer with the pupil Esticado is “He does not have”, a partnership they launched this Friday (16).

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