Gusttavo Lima makes first live without Andressa Suita, who does witch hunt to find out who leaked divorce in court


A week after announcing the separation, Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita are now beginning to treat divorce in court as Extra anticipated last Friday, 16. A confidential case has already been opened by the model’s lawyer at the 2nd Family Court, in Bela Vista, Goiás, to separate the bodies and take care of the alimony of the two children of the ex-couple.

Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita will have the same lawyer for separation; singer is alone on farm

Although the counsel of the lawyer Maria Luiza Póvoa Cruz does not comment on the case, she is the one who will handle the papers for Andressa, who sought her out through friends from the country side. While each goes on with their lives in different cities, Andressa in Goiânia, and Gusttavo in Bela Vista, a flood of news about possible pivots of the separation circulates on social networks.

Andressa Suita’s adviser says she has been in a family home since before Gusttavo Lima’s separation

Andressa Suita: witch hunt to find out who leaked information Photo: reproduction / instagram

The last one is that Mallu Ohana, ex of player Dudu, who was from Palmeiras, would have been involved with Gusttavo. Both deny until they know each other. People connected with Andressa say that she is doing a real witch hunt to keep the version of peace between her and Gusttavo and to know who leaked the entry of the papers. “She’s been keeping an eye on everything that comes out about the breakup from day one. Basically, until he left home, Andressa still had the hope of reconciliation. Many people have already told them to stop exposing themselves, but apparently it doesn’t help. There are a lot of people doing pitaco. Even a distant relative has demonstrated, ”says a source.

Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita keep photos together in the networks after the separation

Friends of Gusttavo still try to understand what happened and worry about what may come, given the temperament of the backcountry. “Gusttavo doesn’t take anyone’s guess, he’s too stubborn. Who managed to get around his genius the most was Andressa. When he thinks about a deal, no one turns him back. We worry because he has a history of depression and keeps everything to himself. We don’t know what he is really feeling now, ”observes a friend of many years.

Married in a separation of assets, Andressa Suita can benefit from a summary of the Supreme Court to be entitled to share

Andressa Suita accompanied Gusttavo Lima in all the lives in the quarantine
Andressa Suita accompanied Gusttavo Lima in all the lives in the quarantine Photo: reproduction / instagram

Gusttavo Lima’s posture is questioned on the web: ‘Will you judge like Luísa Sonza?’

This Saturday, the 17th, Gusttavo will perform in a live in Mato Grosso, with Jonas Esticado, with whom he released music this week, and the duo Bruno and Denner. This will be the Ambassador’s first presentation away from Andressa, who accompanied him in all the quarantine lives.


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