Gusttavo Lima makes his first live after separating from Andressa Suita – 10/17/2020


Gusttavo Lima presents himself today in a new live. The singer performs the first live show since the end of the marriage with Andressa Suita, who has been talking for more than a week.

The sertanejo joins Jonas Esticado and Bruno and Denner from 17h. Where to watch? On Gusttavo Lima’s official YouTube channel.

Stretched released yesterday a song about the end of love in a relationship with the participation of Gusttavo. The sertanejo, amid the noise of the end of his relationship with Suita, also released a new work song (“Café e Amor”). The theme? Separation.

Separation of Gusttavo and Andressa

After much speculation, Gusttavo Lima confirmed that he separated from the model Andressa Suita. He stated that the breakup came “after normal wear and tear on the relationship”:

We inform you that there was no fight or betrayal and that any information that is circulating in this direction is untrue.

The model, in turn, broke the silence a few days later. She said she was taken aback by her ex-husband’s divorce application overnight, “for no reason”:

We had just arrived from a family trip, just as I posted here for you, those who accompany me, you know, and at dawn from Sunday to Monday I was awakened, and communicated, that we could no longer continue as a couple. Without any complaint, without any reason, and without opening for me to be able to save our marriage.

“No surprise”

Alexandre Suita, Andressa’s brother, said he was not surprised by the divorce. “No surprise. But I pray and cheer for the family. After all, what matters is the happiness of the boys. Uncle is here to teach you how to be a man, relax,” he wrote on Instagram.

Gusttavo and Andressa have two children, Gabriel, 3, and Samuel, 2.

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