Gusttavo Lima registers BO against advertisements


Companies that tried to use the image of Gusttavo Lima and scoffed at the end of their marriage to Andressa Suita will fail. The singer’s representatives intend to take legal action against those responsible for creating advertisements using the image of the singer and ex-wife Andressa Suita.

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In contact with Gusttavo Lima’s Official received a position by the singer and he will make a police report.

“The legal department is providing a police report to the specialized police station. Those responsible for the undesirable ads will be held responsible,” the statement said.

The ads that were most publicized on the internet were a pastry shop and a pizzeria. After the repercussion, the establishments removed the advertisements from the air.


Gusttavo Lima sent, through his press office, an official statement regarding the separation of Andressa Suita. The two have been married since 2015 and are the parents of two children.

Press Release – Gusttavo Lima

We confirm that the singer Gusttavo Lima is separated from the model Andressa Suita.

The marriage ended after normal wear and tear on the relationship.

We inform you that there was no fight or betrayal and that any information that is circulating in this direction is untrue.

The artist will no longer comment on the matter.

Friendship, affection and respect continue, in addition to the greater mission, the creation and education of the couple’s two children.

We count on everyone’s understanding and respect.

Separation shocked everyone

The news of the separation was first given by Leo Dias. To the journalist, Gusttavo commented on the decision.

“Just as I entered the relationship, I wanted to go out the front door. No cheating, no betrayal, “said Gusttavo to Leo Dias.

“We have two children to raise for the rest of our lives. Our relationship has always been very peaceful. And nothing can affect the raising of our children. But, unfortunately, it was better that way.” We have a greater purpose than anything, which is to raise two children that will be filled with a lot of love and dedication. Friendship prevails above all, ”he continued.

The last photo of the ex-couple with their children was a week ago, with Gabriel and Samuel at the door of Gusttavo’s jet.

Andressa, even, has already left the mansion of the ex-couple and went to their old house, located in a condominium in Goiânia and is with Gabriel and Samuel.

Recently, Gusttavo used Twitter to write “better finish, each one for himself”. However, he then said that it was an excerpt from his new song, Café e Amor.

Andressa Suita left home with Gusttavo Lima before the separation
Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita share the same lawyer


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