Gusttavo Lima talks about separation from Andressa Suita: ‘I wasn’t happy’


Singer Gusttavo Lima

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Singer Gusttavo Lima

The separation of Gusttavo Lima e Andressa Suita took all fans by surprise. That’s because recently, in late June, the couple starred in a romantic scene during a live junina on the internet. Public declarations of love between them over the internet have always been constant.

This Wednesday, 14, the singer decided to use social media to talk about the separation.

“I wanted to be here to talk about good things, but not everything in our lives is the way we want it, what we imagine, the way it should be. I will make it very clear everything that is happening in my life ”, he said.

Gusttavo emphasized that divorce is something that “anyone can spend sometime” and that nothing happens overnight. “I was not happy and you can be sure that I tried everything to save my marriage,” he guaranteed. However, the day before, Andressa Suita spoke about the breakup and said she was taken by surprise, without having the chance to try to “save the marriage”. “What I had left was to accept,” he concluded.

About this, the singer declared: “It would be worse to be dishonest with her and my children. The truth is one: any malicious judgment, any gossip, it is not true, it does not proceed. I don’t shirk my responsibilities and that will not change anything. A hard truth is better than a cute lie ”.

In an Instagram video, Guttavo stated that the affection and respect remain between him and Andressa: “She is part of my life, my history, my future. She is the most important woman in my life, because she is the mother of my two children. Raising our children is our priority ”.

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