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When he gets to College Group, is approached by Samantha (Giovanna Grigio), who was homesick. It is for her that he tells first that he will break up with Malu’s daughter (Daniela Galli). With the support of her friend, Guto calls Clara to talk.

“Clara, I thought about it. And I think we should finish,” says Guto, in the can!

Clara (Isabella Scherer) surprises with reaction to Guto (Bruno Gadiol) in ‘Malhação – Viva a Diferença’ – Photo: Globo

Clara hears everything and reacts in a way that Guto did not imagine:

“Oh good! I was looking for a way to tell you that. Guto, we have nothing to do!”, Says the girl, to the boy’s surprise.

The two then embrace like good friends and put an end to the relationship.

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Guto says he liked to kiss Benê. Josefina worries about Benê. Roney is inspired to compose. Keyla comes back from the trip and everyone is surprised by his behavior. A few days pass. Ellen arrives from the technology festival and asks Das Dores to change her look. Nena and Das Dores celebrate the award received by Ellen. Benê tells Josefina about his kiss in Guto. Classes start again, and Benê is uncomfortable with the number of students at Cora Coralina. Tato admires Keyla’s new style, and K2 scolds her boyfriend. Malu forbids the students of Colégio Grupo to use cell phones at school, and everyone revolts. Clara and Guto break up. Jota praises Ellen. Telma tells Anderson that Tina is doing well in Japan. Samantha approaches Anderson. Dogão offends Juca and Benê, and Keyla defends her friend.

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