Gymnast Ana Paula Scheffer is found dead at 31 – 10/16/2020


Gymnast Ana Paula Scheffer, who came to defend the Brazilian selection of rhythmic gymnastics and win a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, in 2007, was found dead by her mother this Friday morning (16) at their house in Toledo, in the interior of Paraná. Ana Paula was only 31 years old.

In addition to bronze in the bow apparatus at Pan do Rio, Ana Paula participated in the Pan of the modality in 2005, the 2006 South American Games in Buenos Aires, and 2010 in Medellin, in addition to the 2009 World Rhythmic Gymnastics, in Japan. After that, he lost space in the selection to another athlete from Toledo, Angélica Kvieczynski.

“It is difficult to describe the feelings at that moment. Today the sky has won a star that has already shone a lot on the earth. It has been so many years training together, so many learnings. Brazilian gymnastics loses another of its stars. Ana may God receive you. May your rest be You will be forever in my prayers “, wrote Angelica on Instagram.

Currently, Ana Paula was a coach of the Cascavel team, also in the interior of Paraná. “There were years of dedication in front of GR Cascavel, a story built with effort, dedication, commitment and a lot of love. We are heartbroken, not believing in this sudden loss, happier to have had the opportunity to live and learn so much from it , Scheffer as she was affectionately called left a legacy of struggle and love for GR, was a brilliant gymnast and even became an exceptional technique “, wrote the team on Instagram.

According to the GR of Cascavel “Ana Paula was found lifeless by her mother, who went to wake her up”. The body was taken to IML and the causes of death are still being investigated.


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