Hackers break into home cameras and post intimate videos


Hundreds of home cameras were hacked by cybercriminals, who posted about 3 TB in intimate videos on the Internet. The images were found on pornographic websites and include images of children, couples, women breastfeeding, people undressing and even using the bathroom. According to the authorities involved, the victims are from Singapore, Canada, South Korea and Thailand.

These videos also seeto people interested in a one-time subscription of US $ 150 (R $ 837, in direct conversion), which gave buyers lifetime access.

The group responsible for the invasion was found on the messaging platform Discord and has almost 1,000 members worldwide who, according toThe News Paper, they had access to a free “sample” with 4,000 videos and photos.

Utility vs. Security

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Although IP cameras are useful for monitoring children, the elderly and pets, they are known for their vulnerability. This is because the mechanisms for accessing recorded videos are not always the safest.

These mechanisms can be divided into two network protocols: port forwarding and point to point. In the first alternative, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology is used, through which the camera can be accessed through a port on the external IP address.

However, sand there is no authentication method, anyone who knows the IP address of the device can access the images and more, depending on the manufacturer’s configuration.

How to prevent intrusions

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The first step to avoid being the victim of an attack like this is to change your device’s default password. At this point, opt for a strong combination and, if possible, with numbers, symbols, as well as upper and lower case letters.

When buying your IP camera, prefer suppliers with a focus on security. Another important tip is to enable two-factor authentication and use an encrypted connection to access the administration panel.


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