Halvorsen ready for Uno-X – breaks contract with American team


TV 2 reported earlier in October that Halvorsen was on his way to the Norwegian team after a troubled first season with the American WorldTour team EF Pro Cycling.

Now the agreement is in place and a two-year contract has been signed.

Halvorsen and EF have agreed to end the collaboration one year ahead of schedule, which means that “Doffen” will be seen in the Uno-X jersey from the 2021 season.

He has signed a contract that extends over the next two seasons, but with a clause that allows for the step up again to the World Tour if a team from the top level comes with an offer.

EF has, as far as TV 2 understands, been very cooperative with Halvorsen and Uno-X, and will continue to keep an eye on the Norwegian’s development.

Significant pay cut

Halvorsen struggled this spring and summer with motivation after the corona pandemic put the cycling season on pause in March.

The 24-year-old has been back in training lately, but he has not cycled a single ride for his American employer since the season started again this summer.

According to TV 2’s experience, Halvorsen will significantly reduce his salary next year. At EF, he would in 2021 have raised a salary of over three million kroner. In Uno-X, it will be a significantly lower sum.

– We pick him up because he wants to add enormous cutting-edge expertise. We believe our system is right for Kristoffer in the phase of his career he is in now. And he himself has expressed a strong desire to cycle here, says cycling manager in Uno-X, Jens Haugland, to TV 2, and continues:

– Kristoffer has been open about the fact that it has been a demanding year. Covid-19 and all that it has brought has been tough for him. Finding the joy of cycling in smaller rides with good friends can be a nice correction. We believe it will bring Kristoffer up to the level he belongs to, which is among the highest elite.

– Will it be expensive for you?

– It will be more expensive for “Doffen”. He has set aside the economy and made a clear choice to become a top cyclist. If he returns to the level he belongs to, then it is not economics that will matter.

TV 2 has not been in contact with Halvorsen on Friday morning

Hushovd: – Sad that he has no motivation

Thor Hushovd cycled himself for EF Pro Cycling, or Garmin-Cervélo as it was called then, in the 2011 season.

– It is sad that he – with his great talent – does not have motivation when he is in the top league in cycling. This is the possibility that all cyclists dream of, but when the reality does not match the dream, it is not easy, he says.

– Does he have what it takes to come back?

– Physically, he has everything it takes to become an extremely good cyclist. But to be a top cyclist, there are many things that are connected. One thing is about the physical, but then it is the mental as well. If he can land those things there, he can come back.

– He has been brutally honest with himself

Halvorsen really broke through by winning the U23 World Cup in Doha, Qatar, in 2016.

After a little over two seasons in Norwegian Joker Icopal, he took the step into the big professional world with Team Sky from 2018.

Two victories were the result of two years in the British big team, before the trip went on to EF Pro Cycling before the current season.

– Is it now about saving his career?

– It’s about being aware of where he stands. There he has been brutally honest with himself, says Haugland.

– What are you going to do for him to find his way back to the 2016 form?

– We will make sure that he has fun, and we will take the pressure off the shoulders of a young boy who was recognized early on by being world champion. Now he has been abroad for three years and wants to adjust a little.


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