Halvorsen ready for Uno-X – switch with professional flag


Professional cyclist Kristoffer Halvorsen (24) returns home to Norway and will cycle for Uno-X.


Kristoffer Halvorsen will ride for Uno-X this season. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

This is confirmed by Jens Haugland, sports director of Uno-X, to Fædrelandsvennen on Friday.

According to TV 2, Halvorsen has signed a two-year contract with the Norwegian team.

– This shows that Kristoffer still has motivation as a cyclist. It is first and foremost sad that he has not had a good time as a professional cyclist, that he has not reached his potential. On the other hand, this choice is very exciting. Uno-X has made a warp, says TV2’s cycling expert Mads Kaggestad to Fædrelandsvennen.

The U23 world champion from Doha in 2016 and has agreed with his American employer to end the collaboration one year before the original contract expired.

“Doffen” will thus be seen in the Uno-X jersey from the 2021 season.

– I think Kristoffer can get to an even higher level than when he went to Sky. I’m sure we’ll see him as a professional again one day, says Kaggestad.

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Solid pay cut

According to TV 2’s experience, Halvorsen will significantly reduce his salary next year. In EF Pro Cycling, in 2021 he would have raised a salary of more than three million kroner.

This is not how everyday life is in Uno-X.

– It will be more expensive for “Doffen”. He has set aside the economy and made a clear choice to become a top cyclist, says Uno-X boss Jens Haugland to Fædrelandsvennen.

When asked what Halvorsen spends Uno-X, the boss answers:

– Now we have one of the world’s fastest sprinters. Kristoffer is a core guy, and will enjoy this gang. He himself has expressed a strong desire to cycle here, he says.

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Halvorsen: – I was depressed

Halvorsen has had a heavy 2020 season as a result of the corona pandemic. Sørlandet’s great cycling hopes, he felt he was well on track for the season when the virus hit Europe with full force.

– I lost motivation during the corona crisis. I’m a type who needs competitions to motivate me, in that sense it has been quite tough when the term list has been empty, the 24-year-old told Fædrelandsvennen in August.

The 24-year-old admitted that he was far down.

– At worst, I was very depressed. Instead of doing what I love, I dug my own grave, he said.

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Hushovd: – It’s sad

Halvorsen broke through as a cyclist when he became world champion in the U-23 WC in Doha in 2016. After two seasons for Norwegian Joker Icopal, Halvorsen switched to the professional team Team Sky, now called Team Ineos.

After two victories for Team Sky, Halvorsen chose to sign for the American professional team EF Pro Cycling before the 2020 season.

– It is sad that he – with his great talent – does not have motivation when he is in the top league in cycling, Hushovd says to TV 2 about the transition.

When asked by TV 2 if Hushovd thinks Halvorsen can still reach the top of the world, the former professional cyclist answers:

– Physically, he has everything it takes to become an extremely good cyclist. But to be a top cyclist, there are many things that are connected. One thing is about the physical, but then it is the mental as well. If he can land those things there, he can come back, he says.



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