Hard and drastic decision: Vasco Palmeirim ‘hides’ 6-month-old son at home – Nacional


Vasco Palmeirim, 41 years old, was a father for the second time in April, in full confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In an interview with ‘TV Guia’ this week, the presenter of RTP1 reveals that the birth of Matias was a “complicated” process and that it continues to have its peculiarities. “We were afraid that I could not be in the hospital at the time of Matias’ birth. Fortunately, it was. I also did the Covid-19 test 48 hours earlier, it was negative and I was present at the moment he said hello. Then there were three days and nights without leaving the hospital room (mandatory procedure at a pandemic time which, obviously, I did) and there were no family and friends in the hospital and at home“, he reveals, stating that it is a measure he continues to comply with.” It is essential to play it safe. It was like that when Matias was born and continues to be so. ”

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Vasco Palmeirim says he is a different man with this pandemic, mainly because what he “took for granted, ceased to be”. “Gathering family and friends to introduce Matias? It doesn’t work. What we took for granted, is no longer.”


Vasco Palmeirim’s day starts at dawn with the morning show on Rádio Comercial. And it continues out there, with no time to finish. There are recordings of ‘Joker’ to make, ‘The Voice Portugal’ to end and ‘I Love Portugal’ to film. At the end of this unstoppable daily life, the talented presenter has to find some time for his wife, Bárbara, and for their two children, Tomás, 4, and Matias, 6 months.

The radio host reveals the secret: “Always making the best use of the time you have with them. Arriving home and insisting on reading a story to the eldest, already in bed.“As for Barbara, she got used to her husband’s turbulent life.” She understands all of this. Having worked on television for many years, she realizes. And more than realize, I already said – she is my haven. Often, in more difficult times, it is she who supports me and tells me the right things. Communication is important in all families. And one that is sometimes seen only at night, is essential. “

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However, Matias’s first months of life were complicated for Vasco Palmirim, who even had to change his bed for the playroom. “I even slept on my child’s toy sofa bed because, if I don’t sleep, my productivity the next day is zero. But luckily Matias is sleeping better and has already let me go back to sleep in my dear bed. ”


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