Harry didn’t realize “unconscious prejudice” until he met Meghan


Prince Harry confessed that he “had no idea” about the existence of unconscious prejudice and that he learned a lot about racism after having “lived a day or a week in the woman’s place”. These statements were made during an interview with GQ magazine, with the activist Patrick Hutchinson.

“The unconscious prejudice, from my point of view, having the education I had, did not know what it was. I had no idea that it existed”, he stated.

“Then, sad to say, it took many, many years to realize it, especially after having lived a day or a week in my wife’s place,” he added, referring to Meghan. Markle.

“First you have to listen and have conversations, those uncomfortable conversations, because it is an uncomfortable conversation,” said Hutchinson in turn.

In the same รขscope, Harry considered that this issue should be reviewed in the press, as news continues to emerge that feed this prejudice.

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