Havaianas launched a line of socks with split fingers to tuck the slippers


Havaianas launched a line of socks with fingers to tuck the slippers

The novelty arrived in October at physical and online stores of the Brazilian brand in our country. You can already slipper at will on cold days.

The bizarre trend of wearing socks with slippers – so popular with English tourists in the Algarve – is taking on unprecedented proportions in the fashion industry. This Thursday, October 15, Havaianas announced that its latest launch is intended to complement the slippers collection.

“Bold, bright and full of colors” was the way in which those responsible described this novelty, which consists of a collection of socks with a divider between the first two toes in order to slip on the slippers. The base is non-slip to prevent slipping.

On the website and stores of Havaianas in our country, there are already 17 proposals from the Brazilian brand, all for sale for € 9.95 to be able to flip with style even in the cold months. However, if you prefer to buy a pack of three right away, it costs € 24.95.

Despite the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand has launched several novelties in 2020, from the new platform slippers to the collaboration with Saint Laurent Rive Droite, through the perfect sandals to wear at work, the unexpected Tradi Zori, inspired by the traditional Japanese style, and even a clothing collection.

Then click on the gallery to see some of the coolest socks in the new Havaianas collection.


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