“He didn’t care, he took everything, he was enjoyed”


Rita Pereira was not indifferent to a video published by Manuel Luís Goucha where his companion, Rui Oliveira, shares one of his recipes with his followers. THE actress made a tribute to the couple she considers herself an admirer.

“I love this couple, but I really do. I value, but so much the courage of the Manel and Rui, who never society where there is still an extreme difficulty in accepting homosexuality, the Manel, having a mostly older audience, shows, without fear, that all couples are equal, that the important thing is just love “, he says.

“When the Manel he told the world that he was homosexual he already had a successful career, he could lose everything, his audience that loved him so much, but that had closed minds, he could have lost his job, because any boss would not accept him “, he noticed.

He didn’t care, he took everything, he was laughed at, he was looked at sideways, he was on the cover of dozens of magazines. He was an example! And why am I having this conversation here? Because he did it for you too! For the new generations, so that you, who like people of the same sex can be free, can live without judgment, so that you gain courage to tell the world that you are homosexual. Because there is no problem. The problem is in those who do not know what love is “, he added.

© Instagram / Rita Pereira

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