‘He drinks up to six bottles of wine a day’: reports of those facing alcoholism in times of coronavirus


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“Social isolation and a lack of human connection are major factors that lead some people to resort to alcohol”

The isolation, unemployment and disorganized routines caused by the pandemic are leading to an increase in alcohol consumption in different parts of the world.

In the United Kingdom, the British Liver Trust has reported a 500% increase in the number of calls received by its alcohol support center since the quarantine began in March.

In Brazil, a survey of behaviors carried out by Fiocruz between April and May identified, at the time, an average increase of 18% in alcohol consumption, between men and women. The age group with the greatest increase (25%) was 30 to 39 years old.

“The increase in alcohol consumption was associated with the frequency of feeling sad or depressed: the higher the frequency, the greater the increase in the use of alcoholic beverages”, said the research.


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