Head of The Last of Us Part II was inspired by Bloodborne, God of War and Inside


[Atenção! Spoiler de The Last of Us Part II]

Fans of The Last of Us you can disagree on many things about the sequence, except one: that the fight against the King of Rats in the hospital basement is one of the most tense moments in the game.

Now, the title co-director, Kurt Margenau, revealed what were the inspirations behind the horrible infected – which are even surprising. The information is from Games Radar.

The end of indie Inside it was the main influence for the swollen and defective appearance of the monster, which has several arms, hands and different members spread throughout the body mass.

The section where a Stalker separates from the body of the King of Rats was inspired by God of War, in the fight in which Kratos and Atreus face the brothers Magni and Modi. “It’s just that you end up with these two enemies that complete each other, one with quick attacks and the other with a bigger and slower weapon,” he explained.

Finally, the final sequence in which the player faces only the Stalker was influenced by the fight against Eileen, the Crow, of Bloodborne.

I love how we have bosses with unimaginable heights in Bloodborne, but the most challenging and brutal battle is against someone the same size as yours. So it was something that I was really interested in: how can we make that infected person, who is not a giant, be lethal like the King of Rats?

The Last of Us Part II is available for PlayStation 4. Check out our review!


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