Healed body of Thyane Dantas draws attention in a bikini photo. Look!


Thyane Dantas caught the attention of her followers by posting a photo of an animal print bikini on Instagram this Saturday (17th). Owner of a stylish beachwear, the businesswoman bet on the fashion trend in her look to go to the beach and received praise from her husband, Wesley Safadão, for the production. “My flower, I love you cat”, declared the singer. The piece highlighted the beauty of the influencer’s body. “After the sea bath,” she wrote in the image caption. Followers also responded to the record. “I’m shocked by the mistress’s body! Definition: we have,” observed one. “A sign that every effort in fitness and diet is working. It looks very beautiful,” said another. “And that abdomen”, a third was surprised. “A body is a body,” fired a user. “You have to respect that shape,” added a fan. “Sarada”, completed one.

Thyane Dantas takes children from the sertão to a water park

Last Tuesday (13), Thyane Dantas delighted a group of 40 children from the sertão to the water park. Supporter of social causes, the businesswoman promoted a Solidarity Children’s Day at Beach Park in Fortaleza. Director and founder of the W Solidary Project, she set aside the day to play alongside the little ones from Araçoiaba (CE). “It was a very special day. The entire program was thought out with great care, from transportation to the end of the activities in which we deliver the children gifts that we get through partners,” explained Ysis’s mother, who turned 6 in July , and Dom, 2, whose growth impressed Internet users.

Influencer maintains body care after pregnancy

Thyane focused on the diet after giving birth to Dom and revealed that she lost ten pounds in the past six months alone. According to the influencer, the weight loss process was long and difficult. “I have suffered, I really closed my mouth. There’s no way, the secret to losing weight is the diet. I’ve already lost more than 10 kilos this year alone. When I decided to focus, from six months on, I lost all that weight. people have commented on the result. After motherhood, my routine has changed a little. I have work with my companies and everything. The digital influencer part is more like a hobby. I love working with my image, as a model, with But to cope with all this with my new baby routine is more complicated “, pondered the businesswoman in a previous interview.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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