Health Secretary will recommend that TRE-ES prohibit demonstrations and collective activities in electoral campaigns


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In a press conference on Friday afternoon (30), the Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes, together with Orlei Amaral Cardoso, manager of health surveillance, updated information on the fight against covid-19 in Espírito Santo.

According to Nésio, the State is currently experiencing a time of low risk of transmission of covid-19 and that the current situation is one of recovery from the pandemic. However, in the last few weeks, there has been a significant increase in cases, mainly in Greater Vitória, between September 8 and October 10.

The increase was justified by the secretary by the amount of tests performed at the Central State Laboratory (Lacen), serological census and school survey.

Nésio also pointed out that the data was affected due to ‘inappropriate behavior’ and disrespect for social distance in the face of the pandemic, of people who ended up being very exposed to the virus, according to the secretary.

Election campaigns

According to Nésio Fernandes, the State Health Secretariat will send a recommendation to the Regional Electoral Court of Espírito Santo (TRE-ES) for the body to prohibit collective activities of electoral campaigns, involving the gathering of people, such as marches and other events .

Private network

Also according to the secretary, there was an increase in the occupation of beds in the private network, which according to Nésio, is explained by the resumption of social activities and the increase in the number of patients with other diseases, as victims of traffic accidents.

According to the secretary, these data end up influencing the public and private network, however, in his evaluation it is not possible to say that there is a collapse in the private network.

Strategies are being studied so that in the event of a second wave of coronavirus cases, the State can assist all patients. The secretary also does not rule out the possibility of resuming more robust social distancing strategies.

New beds

Nésio also informed that the state network still has 160 beds to be inaugurated by the end of 2020 and that beds at Dr. Jayme Santos Neves hospital, in Serra, will revert to the care of vascular patients and victims of trauma.


Nésio called attention to this weekend’s long holiday, so that people don’t stop wearing protective masks. “Be zealous and careful with your neighbor’s life and your own life,” he said.

Age of disease victims

Studies carried out by the health secretary pointed out that the average age of victims of covid-19, in Vila Velha, for example, went from 63 to 68 years. About this, Nésio Fernandes states that it is necessary to take into account that people with advanced age have a higher risk of presenting comorbidities and, consequently, evolve to a more critical case of the disease. “We need to maintain humility in the face of the strength of the pandemic,” he warned.


According to the secretary, if the vaccine against covid-19 does not arrive by January 2021, as expected by the country’s authorities, the states need to organize themselves to face an eventual second wave of cases and deaths. According to Nésio, “the State is preparing for all scenarios”.

The secretary also warned that without the vaccine, we must be prepared to live with the health and distance protocols for longer.

Having a safe vaccine, Nésio said that immunization will be initiated by the risk group.

Serological survey

The health surveillance manager, Orlei Amaral, said that the result of a new survey will be released next week. The result of the Serological Census carried out in the 78 municipalities of Espírito Santo will also be released soon. Currently, 68 cities have completed the survey.


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