health survey property in Londrina this Saturday



The municipal secretary of Health, intensifies the actions to fight dengue in Londrina, this Saturday (17). From 7 am to 1 pm, Endemic Control agents will conduct inspections of properties, mainly residences that were closed during visits made from Monday to Friday. The objective is to identify outbreaks of the transmitting mosquito, Aedes aegypti.

Action against dengue: health survey property in Londrina this Saturday

In the northern region, the teams will go to the Portal do Sol, Jardim Athenas and Quadra Norte neighborhoods; on the east side, Jardim Morumbi and Pindorama. The work also covers the central region, in Vila Recreio, Vila Brasil and Cambezinho. And on the west side, at Jardim Bancários and Columbia D.

To complement the actions against Aedes that will be developed in Cambé, there will also be an application of insecticide in Jardim Sabará, which is located on the border of the two municipalities. As the material reaches only the insect in the winged phase, it is necessary that the houses, shops and other properties remain open, so that the product is more effective. The application of the insecticide will also be carried out at the Hilda Mandarino Complex, in the northern zone, at strategic points.


The last biweekly report on the dengue situation in Londrina indicated that, since January, the city has accumulated 48,979 notifications of the disease, 24,109 of which have been confirmed. 5,930 cases were discarded, and 18,940 notifications awaiting the results of laboratory tests, which are still in progress.

In addition to dengue, Aedes aegypti also transmits the zika virus and chikungunya fever, which registered two confirmed cases in the city. To prevent the spread of these diseases, it is essential to prevent the proliferation of the mosquito, eliminating the possible breeding sites, which are objects or places that can accumulate water, clean or dirty. (With information from N.Com)

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