Healthy young people can only be vaccinated in 2022 – and the UN hopes to have an “effective” vaccine in 2021 – Observer


Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), subordinate to the UN (United Nations), announced this Thursday that the healthy young people may have to wait until 2022 to be vaccinated at Covid-19.

The scientist advances even though she expects there to be a “Vaccine effective in 2021”, although he admits it will be available in “Limited quantities”, he said in an interview with The Guardian, ruling out mass testing, leading to an order of preference being established.

The priority for the UN is for the first to be vaccinated to be “Healthcare workers”, those who “Work on the front line” against Covid-19, the “Groups of risk” and then the “seniors”, which makes the youngest and without any possible complications at the end of the list.

The UN chief scientist also warned that governments should not be “complacent” about the death rate, which has been decreasing: “The increase in mortality is always behind the increase in cases”, alluding to the recent increase in cases of the new coronavirus that has been observed.

Just last Tuesday, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was suspended after a participant’s illness.

Covid-19: Johnson & Johnson vaccine trials stopped due to illness in participant


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