Henrik Elvejord Borg: – The reality profile reveals engagement


Earlier this year, reality profile Henrik Elvejord Borg could tell that he had found happiness with the Swedish host and influencer Lisa Anckarman.

In retrospect, the Norwegian has revealed to Dagbladet that he had plans to stay in Sweden with his fiancée, and now the couple is ready for another big step in the relationship.

On Sunday morning, Borg reveals on Instagram that he is at peace with his Swedish girlfriend.

“SHE SAID YES! I’m getting married to my best friend. Finally home », he writes to a picture of the two, where you can clearly see the ring on Anckarman’s finger.

Anckarman has also shared the good news with his followers.

“Two years ago I saw Henrik Borg on TV and yesterday he became mine for the rest of my life. He even manages to trick me into filming everything, so you will see me crying and he trembling on his knees – I promise “, she writes, and continues:

“Now we are going to have a delicious breakfast and enjoy each other’s company. LIFE! »

Borg tells Dagbladet that this is the biggest thing he has done in his life so far.

– It feels absolutely incredible. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and we’ve talked about it, but actually having peace now is unbelievable. I have my best friend as my fiancé, and it feels absolutely fantastic, he says, and eases the veil of courtship:

– We are staying in a hotel this weekend, so I ordered lunch up in the room. It was not so easy for me to get some food down, I was extremely nervous.

Leaving Norway

Borg further says that he had to go to Google only a short time in advance, to find out which knee he should go down on.

– It certainly did not matter as long as the ring was placed on the right finger, he says.

The couple has already managed to talk about an upcoming wedding, but says that they will spend a year or two planning.

– Marriage is in the air

When Dagbladet spoke to the Norwegian reality profile in May, he could tell that he had plans to report moving to Sweden and stay with his girlfriend. At that time, he also hinted at an upcoming courtship.

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– We live in a large apartment, and it is very nice here. Now it’s just a matter of pumping out some kids and getting married, then this will be fine, he joked.

– But I’m actually almost ready to get married. She’s the nicest lady in the world and I’m so glad this works so well. There has never been so little trouble with anyone before, and we are both in a place in life where we work well for each other. A marriage is in the air, he continued.

The couple found love just before the pandemic was declared, and it was the Swede who checked up on Borg, after she had seen him on screen.


Anckarman has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and has, among other things, been the host of “Studio Paradise” – a program where participants dissect and discuss “Paradise Hotel”. She is also one of Sweden’s biggest influencers.

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Borg has in recent years lived by the same, but on a smaller scale here in Norway. In Sweden, there are completely different buns, he thought earlier this year.

– It’s so damn digg to be influential in Sweden. In Norway, you get some garments sent in the mail, while the companies here are looking for you. It’s a whole new world. I really live the dream, he said.


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