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This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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On a good day, Karlsbrua in the old town is full of tourists.

It is now depopulated due to the fact that the Central European country with about 10 million inhabitants is the country in Europe that is currently the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

It has consequences for many.

Worry about the employees

When NRK meets the Norwegian and restaurant owner Nils Jebens and his team at Kampa Park restaurant in Prague, there is a gloomy atmosphere.

Chairs and tables are covered, crockery and cutlery are wrapped in plastic.

It is still allowed to deliver takeaway, but for a restaurant with 300 seats and 150 employees, this is not an option. Half the experience is to enjoy the view of the famous Charles Bridge and enjoy the small hours.

Jebens is a former naval hunter and runs a casino in Austria. He is not afraid of a challenge, but this surpasses most.

Glass, tablecloths and blankets are packed down. It is uncertain when Nils Jebens can start operations again.

Photo: Roger Sevrin Bruland / NRK

– I have been doing this for 25 years and am starting to get closer to the end. It was not what I thought, that I might have to start again in the spring.

He also worries about the future of the staff:

– I will now always manage, but here are 150 people who have mortgage loans and families, so it’s tough.

Prime Minister: – Disastrous statistics

Andrej Babiš

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš during the EU summit in Brussels on 16 October


The government calls it a national disaster. The hospital will soon not have the capacity to receive more patients, said Prime Minister Andrej Babiš during a press conference:

– We must immediately increase capacity. The army and crisis staff have received a clear signal to start this weekend. We have a bad time, the forecasts do not look good and the statistics are absolutely catastrophic, Babiš said.

The goal is to have a capacity of 10,000 intensive care beds for those with covid-19, said Minister of Health Roman Prymula.

2400 final year students from medicine, dentistry and other health educations are now being recruited to help.

On Saturday, the army began building a field hospital with 500 beds in a trade fair area outside Prague.


A coronary patient receives treatment in an intensive care unit at Thomayer Hospital in Prague on 14 October. The government is now working to increase the capacity of the hospitals.


– It’s complete chaos

At restaurant Kampa Park, chef Marek Raditsch despairs.

– The government wins something one day, also something else the next. It is complete chaos, he told NRK.

The Czech government is being criticized for reacting too late, something the Minister of Health has regretted.

Restaurant owner Nils Jebens thinks the Czech Republic is now in a deep crisis that will take a long time to get out of. He thinks the restaurants can reopen for Christmas at the earliest, but he fears it will take even longer. Maybe until February or March next year.

– Now we must stop hoping and just take all the steps we can to save what can be saved.


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