Herman Flesvig: – That’s why he keeps his girlfriend hidden


The Norwegian comedian Herman Flesvig (28) is in the wind during the day with the NRK series «First-time service». The recent series has received dice rolls in the top tier, including a six from Dagbladet’s reviewer.

Herman Flesvig reveals girlfriend

In private, it also seems to be going very well for the comedian, who in mid-June could reveal that he had gotten a girlfriend. The revelation came after rumors had been circulating for a long time that the 28-year-old had found love.

– I am a very lucky boy who gets to be with her, Flesvig told Dagbladet during this year’s Gullruten award ceremony in June.

Shortly afterwards, it became known that the couple had also become cohabitants.

DENIED SERVICE: Herman Flesvig is having great success with the NRK program “First-time service”, but one detail prevented the comedian from being able to serve in the defense himself. Video: «Lindmo», NRK
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Tribute to the girlfriend

Since then, the comedian has kept the cards close to his chest when it comes to commenting on his girlfriend, and he has not shared any photos of his fiancée on social media.

This week, however, Flesvig surprised when he shared a post on Instagram where he paid tribute to his girlfriend.

In the Instagram post that dealt with the overwhelming response he had received for the new episodes of “The First Time Service”, he wrote the following, among other things:

“I also want to thank friends, family, manager, and not least a wonderful boyfriend who always supports me when I live in a bubble with a lot of work, combined with periodic fetal position and nerves. Thank you very, very much! You keep me on my feet ».

COMICAL: Herman Flesvig has once again put on his military uniform to play a variety of comic characters in “The First Time Service”. Video: NRK
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Will not be in the spotlight

Now, in a new interview with VG, the comedian elaborates on why he chooses to protect his relationship with his girlfriend.

– It’s about the lady I’m with not wanting to be in public, and that I think it’s healthy to keep private things private, he explains.

Flesvig points out to the newspaper that he is turned on all day and that he exposes himself in front of the camera, and in his work. But that with the boyfriend it is different.

«COUGAR»: Actress Alexandra Gjerpen tells candidly about her first meeting with her younger boyfriend when she visits “Kåss til kvelds”. Video: NRK
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– With my boyfriend, I have a place where I am not at work, but can breathe and be a Herman who does not need to catch everyone else’s attention, or wonder what the audience thinks. This is my sanctuary, he explains.

In the interview, they also discuss whether Flesvig wants children in the future, something he recently revealed in the NRK program “Med Monsen on the wrong track”.

DREAMS OF CHILDREN: Herman Flesvig has previously stated that he has wanted children since he was 16, but he currently has no plans to start a family yet. Photo: Helene Kjærgaard / TV 2
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There, the comedian said that he has wanted children since he was 16 years old. To VG, however, he makes it clear that it is not relevant with children properly yet.

– If you can have a family, it’s very wonderful. It’s not like I’ll have it soon, it’s a long time yet.

Flesvig’s manager, Laila Robe, has previously made it clear to Dagbladet that Flesvig will not comment on his privacy.

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Is cloud of conflict

Flesvig is having great success with “The First Time Service”, but not everyone is exclusively positive about the NRK series.

Rapper Yaw Britwum (25), better known by the artist name Britz, created a debate on social media – after he criticized Flesvig in an interview with YLTV.

Confirms girlfriend

Confirms girlfriend

Lies down flat

Lies down flat

The criticism was that the character Ola Halvorsen was too caricatured, and that young people at Haugenstua have consequences from the humor series – namely to disprove the stereotype.

Flesvig spoke for the first time about the criticism last week, where he emphasized that he was never out to hurt anyone.

– It affects me. I am wary of conflict and hate hurting people. I have never had the intention to hurt or offend anyone when I use humor, he told VG.


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