Highest infection rate in the United States ever


On Friday, 83,010 new corona cases were registered in the United States. The number is record high. The previous infection record was registered on 16 July.

The American surgeon Jerome Adams recently warned that more and more American hospitals are running out of intensive care units, and that more in the health care system are worried that the country will again have an increase in the death rate, writes CNN.

On Friday, 41,485 people were hospitalized with the coronavirus in American hospitals. It is also the highest number of inpatients in the country since the end of August.

Will introduce mask requirements

Infection control expert Anthony Fauci believes that the infection trend should lead to the authorities “doubling” the coronary restrictions.

MEETING: People close together, many without face masks, at one of Trump’s election rallies. Photo: Reuters / Carlos Barria

“30 states are constantly reaching new peaks of infection, and this trend will not reverse unless we do something about it,” Fauci said.

The infection control expert has previously been negative to a national requirement to wear a bandage in public. Now, however, he has turned.

– If people do not use the bandages, then maybe we should impose a requirement on them to do so, he said.

The wave peaks in January

According to a study by the research center Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, the infection trend will worsen in the US in November and December, before peaking in January.

– Many states will experience enormous pressure on hospital capacity and will probably have to introduce more restrictions on social distancing.

Doctors and nurses despair over corona skepticism in the United States

IHME agrees with Fauci on what should be considered as a measure.

– The best strategy for limiting the spread of infection, while at the same time exposing more restrictions and avoiding creating problems for the economy, is to expand the use of sanitary napkins.

According to the institute’s calculations, 100,000 American lives could also be saved in February, if 95 percent of the American population wears a bandage in the coming weeks.

However, the institute writes that only 49 percent of the American population say that they wear face masks. If that number remains constant, then around one million American lives will be lost in February.


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