Hillary Clinton: – Republicans want to get rid of Trump as much as we do


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed Republicans in an interview with the New York Times podcast “Sway” recently.

She described the Republicans as “cowards”, according to the website Axios. She also said that they have lacked a backbone in meeting with President Trump for the past four years.

Clinton believes most Republicans are now ready to end the Trump chapter:

– They want as much to get rid of Trump as we do, but they can not say it publicly, she says in the interview, according to the online newspaper Axios.

The US presidential election will be held on November 3. An average of the latest nationwide polls gives Biden a lead of 50.8 percent against 42.8 percent for Trump.

Also in 2016, the polls spoke in favor of victory for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton received by far the most votes, while Trump secured the most electoral votes.

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Clinton can not imagine that Trump will run away with the election winner once again.

– I literally get a stomach ache from thinking that we can have four more years of abuse and destruction of our institutions. Damage to our norms and values ​​(…), she says in the podcast.

Video: How the Electoral System Works in the United States:


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