His name was Samuel, the beheaded teacher for showing cartoons to students


THE teacher who was beheaded near the school where he worked on Friday was identified as Samuel Fifth. He was 47 years old and taught History and Geography at Bois High School Alder, in ConflansSainteHonorine, Paris surroundings.

Samuel, remember, was violently murdered by an 18-year-old, who was eventually questioned by the police and, having shown himself to be violent, shot down. The prosecutor responsible for the office anti Terrorism opened an investigation into a “murder related to a terrorist organization and associated with terrorists”.

Earlier this month, as the Guardian reports, Samuel Fifth had shown his teenage students caricatures of the satirical newspaper Charlie Weekly, during a civic and moral education class on freedom of expression, which generated a negative response from some parents, who asked for his resignation.

Before showing the caricatures, the teacher warned that he was going to do it and indicated that Muslims who did not want to attend might not do it.

After class, the father of a 13-year-old boy who attended the class published a video on social media that guaranteed that the teacher “showed the photograph of a naked man” and said that he was “a Muslim prophet”. This father joined with others in a collective to ask the professor to resign.

Samuel Fifth he even went to the police station at the same time after a complaint was made against him. He argued that he did not understand the criticisms and that the father’s son who filed the complaint was not even in the classroom.

The teacher lived near the school and used to go home along a path that crossed a forest, but he had recently changed his route to go through the middle of the neighborhood, because he felt threatened.

This morning five more people were detained in the âscope from investigation to case. Among the five people now detained are the parents of a student at the college of Bois Alder, who had a discussion with the teacher about cartoons of Muhammad that the teacher had shown in class. These five arrests are in addition to the other four already Evreux (northwest), including a minor, from the suspect’s family circle.

The identity of the attacker, in which an identity document was found, was also confirmed by investigators, according to a judicial source, and he is a Russian checheno 18 years old, born in Moscow, with no criminal record.

The French head of state considered, quoted by the agency France-Hurry (AFP), that the murder of the history professor is a “characteristic terrorist attack islâmico“however,” obscurantism will not win “.

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