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ON THE WAY HOME: Donald Trump was discharged from Walter Reed Hospital on Monday and transported by helicopter home to the White House. Foto: Evan Vucci / AP

Just hours after his doctor gave the green light for public appearances from Saturday, Donald Trump says he wants a voter rally in Florida.

The US president has made it clear that he wants life to return to normal as soon as possible after he was confirmed infected with the coronavirus on Thursday last week.

– I will try to hold a public meeting on Saturday night if we manage to make it happen, he says to Sean Hannity on Fox News, and adds that it will probably take place in Florida.

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He also states that he will hold a public meeting in Pennsylvania the next day. Both states are considered important for his possible re-election.

“I feel so good,” Trump said.

The president will not answer when he was last tested for the virus, but says he will probably take a test on Friday.

Trump also ran for an interview with Fox News on Thursday morning, where he said, among other things, that he will not run for a virtual presidential debate. See the reactions to the interview here:

Green light from the doctor

Trump’s statements come shortly after Dr. Sean Conley in an update Thursday the president resigned for public office as of Saturday.

“Saturday is the tenth day after the diagnosis, and based on the diagnosis the team has made, I expect the president to be able to safely return to public office by this time,” the doctor wrote, adding that Trump had finished his course of treatment on Thursday this week.

According to Conley, the president’s condition has been stable since he returned to the White House on Monday, and Trump is said to have responded “very well” to the treatment.

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The CDC’s guidelines also state that most corona patients can go out of their isolation ten days after they first had symptoms, and if they have not had a fever for at least 24 hours. Some may be contagious for longer, they write.

Trump’s rallies are attracting large crowds, and in some states they have been held against the wishes of local authorities:

According to the Washington Post, Trump is very eager to get out to the people again, as he has lost valuable time in the tipping states so shortly before the election on November 3.

– He pushes them every day, but is told that he must test negative before he can go out again, says an unnamed adviser to the newspaper.

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However, several experts are skeptical of the desire to resume the major rallies – regardless of Trump’s corona infection, writes Politico.

– Large voter meetings should not take place. Both campaigns should work with local governments for both large and small events, especially now that Trump’s people come from an environment where there has been a major outbreak, Georges Benjamin, head of the American Public Health Association, told the newspaper.

Debate dispute

During his first interview with Fox News on Thursday, Trump said that he does not think he is contagious at all, and that he is deadline enough to hold voter meetings even though he is limited by the quarantine rules.

He also said he would not take part in any digital presidential debate, after US media reported that the debate between him and Joe Biden on October 15 would take place online.

– I will not sit in front of a computer in the debate. It’s ridiculous, he said, among other things.

Background: Full of confusion about the next presidential debate

The Commission for Presidential Debates says on Friday night that they have refused to agree to Trump’s desire for a physical debate, and the debate will therefore probably not materialize.

– We want to protect the health and safety of everyone involved, says the head of the commission Frank Fahrenkopf to AP.

The next – and last – planned debate between the two presidential candidates is set for October 22.

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