Hospital da Unimed Litoral won QMentum, its first international certification


After almost two years of preparatory work and at the end of the audit carried out this week, the Hospital of Unimed Litoral, in Balneário Camboriú, won its first international accreditation, the QMentum International™ Diamond, also known as Canadian accreditation, the result of an effort that began in January 2019 and was delayed for a few months because of the pandemic.

The methodology QMentum International™ guides and monitors high performance standards in health quality and safety, using global validation criteria. It is applied in Brazil by IQG, through a joint venture with HSO – Health Standards Organization.

THE Hospital Unimed it is already one of the most modern in Brazil, accredited at the level of excellence by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA) and Canadian accreditation places it in the small group of less than 60 Brazilian hospitals with this qualification.


“This year of 2020 was one of many challenges and achievements for Unimed Litoral, because in February we received the Certification from the Brazilian College of Radiology, PADI, for the Diagnostic Imaging Service and now QMentum ™, I believe that all accreditations to over the years they have strengthened us for the great challenge of covid-19 ”analyzed the Quality Coordinator, Suzini Werner.

A QMentum ™ encourages the continuous improvement of the care offered, through objective assessment, based on world reference standards and excellence. It contributes so that, within the available resources, a progressive change of culture occurs, maintaining constant mobilization of the institution, added to safe processes of assistance and management.

“Our teams were anxious, awaiting the Canadian certification audit, we were ready since March, when we would be audited, but because of the pandemic it was suspended. We have been working together with IQG for almost two years and, even though it is an ONA III accredited institution, the international levels are higher, there are more requirements and we will not stop there, we always want to be ahead in quality and innovation ” , highlighted the Director of Own Services of Unimed Litoral, Mario Fernando Gonçalves Silva.

“This accreditation process, carried out by a Canadian company, in partnership with a Brazilian team, analyzed dozens of practices, all focused on caring for the patient and their family, but with the best international standards”, detailed the president of Unimed Litoral , Dr. Umberto João d´Ávila.

“Audits are always very rigorous and to maintain accreditations, year after year, it is necessary for the hospital and the entire Unimed Litoral to act to the maximum of their capabilities, without ever forgetting our basic vocation, our DNA, which is people, ”concluded Dr. Umberto.


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