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Side facade of the new Hospital Unimed Vale do Sinos. There are 21,619.33 square meters of total area under construction in the new building
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Content produced in partnership with Unimed Vale do Sinos and Engeform Engenharia

Engeform Engenharia, one of the main hospital construction companies in Brazil, is celebrating its 44 years with the brand of 31 hospitals in its portfolio. There are 730 thousand square meters for the sector and more than five thousand beds for the Brazilian population. Among these works is the new Hospital Unimed Vale do Sinos.

In such a challenging year, the company highlights being proud to contribute to the health segment and to end the period with the completion of the new Hospital Unimed Vale do Sinos. With excellence in management, people development, positive results, credibility and quality as premises, in less than two years, Engeform executed the enterprise that will be a reference in the South of the Country.

Knowledge management, innovation and the search for the best construction practices are also among the characteristics of the company. The hospital was built using the Lean Construction methodology, based on principles that allow the optimization of the work processes, considers sustainable issues, avoids the waste of raw material, time and money and, consequently, improves productivity and efficiency and deliveries.

“Hospital buildings are complex and require constant improvement, customization and investments in solutions that bring functionality and security. This will be directly reflected in the experience of patients when they enjoy a modern, well-made hospital with a unique infrastructure for care. The union of these characteristics with the quality of the Unimed standard, certainly, form the perfect recipe for offering the best in health for the population “, highlights Eduardo Rossetti, Business Director of Engeform Engenharia. “We are very happy with the partnership with Unimed and satisfied with the delivery of a hospital that is part of the milestones of our history”, he adds.

Among other differentials of the construction phase, it is worth mentioning the installation of a sewage and waste treatment plant. In addition, the team responsible for the project also adopted alternatives mapped in the Okara Hub, Engeform’s innovation ecosystem in partnership with other companies, and in the Engenheirar Project, an initiative to foster innovation within the company.

Planning ahead was key

Eliezer Valiante, Engeform Engenharia engineer and Business manager responsible for the work, explains that 70% of construction delays are linked to the supply chain and materials logistics. ” We have always paid attention to this point and, even in such a challenging year, with the expertise and structure of our headquarters supply team, we worked with advance planning for the Hospital of Unimed Vale do Sinos, which allowed us to move forward with the work without delay. The country and the world are going through an unprecedented health challenge. That is why, for us, it is very gratifying to have the opportunity to deliver such a significant and important delivery at this time “, he highlights. Engeform will also carry out the renovation of the existing hospital, bringing even more modernity to customers and patients.

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Still image of the beginning of the work, in 2019, which impressed by the agility
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Recent image of the work, already in the finishing phase. The building is being delivered just 19 months after it started
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