How a heinous crime is designed: the death of a citizenship teacher in a terrorist attack


It was Monday, October 5, and the History-Geography teacher in charge of citizenship education classes decided to speak to free speech students at the Bois-d “Aulne school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, region of Paris.

He explained that this was what was at stake in the case of the cartoon of Muhammad published by the satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”, a constitutionally enshrined freedom that was not accepted by a radical Islamist command and ended the death of 13 people in an attack.

Samuel Paty, that was his name, showed a drawing, Mohammed crouched with a star on his buttock. There were those who did not like it, it is not known the diffusion circuit of the controversy, only that the case reached the father of a student who filed a complaint in which she even denounced child pornography. Neither the father nor the student responded to the call from the authorities to be heard, but the teacher and others went to school, who concluded that the class was fair and that the teacher complained of defamation. Because the story reached social media, at the hands of a father who calls Samuel a delinquent, he claimed that the teacher had asked Muslim students to identify themselves to leave (which turned out to be a lie) and that he asked to put himself ” an end “to these kinds of situations. Another video from someone else called for Samuel’s expulsion, threatened demonstrations and accused the French president of “fanning hatred against Muslims”. And threatened calls fell, multiplied, at the school office.

Foto no Twitter

Samuel Paty was 47 years old and fathered a child. At 16.57 hours on Friday, after students identified him, he was approached by Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch A., a Russian of Chechen origin born in Moscow in 2002, without a connection to Russia since 2008, enjoying refugee status and without signaling for radicalization. Only record: a minor offense in 2016. Until Friday. With a 12-inch knife, he beheaded Samuel in front of the school. He was shot down by the police shortly after. I didn’t live or study there.

Before he died, he added the text he had written at 12.17 am on his cell phone to the photograph he took of Samuel and published the lot in the account @ Tchetchene_270, on Twitter. It is confirmed to be his. “In the name of Allah, all merciful, very merciful, to Macron, leader of the infidels, I executed one of your hounds of hell who dared to lower Muhammad, calms his fellow men before we inflict a severe punishment on you.”

The shock is widespread, calling into question the duty to teach the Constitution, the tribute to Samuel will be national, on the 21st. And the investigation for terrorism extends. Four family members of the attacker are being held, as are six others, including the father who published one of the videos and whose sister enlisted in “Islamic State” in Syria in 2014. There is a referenced Islamist militant and member of the French Imam Council, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, among the detainees – appeared in the videos …


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