How to find out the name of a song by whistling to Google


If you have a song in your head and want to identify it to hear it again, but just remember a passage or just know how to whistle the rhythm of the song, Google’s new “Hum-to search” function can make your life easier. Launched on Thursday (15), the tool is capable of identifying songs by whistles or singing.

Available on the Google app and Google Assistant for Android and iOS, the feature has artificial intelligence to recognize the song by the melody, even with faulty whistles or awkward songs, according to the company. That is, it is not necessary to present a good tuning to be successful in the research.

Still don’t know how to find out what song is using the new tool? Check out the following tips.

How to identify music by whistling or singing

1. Open the Google app on your phone or tablet and tap the microphone icon;

Opening the function.Source: How-To Geek / Reproduction

2. Wait for the listening screen to appear and, when it appears, tap “Search for a song”;

what is Google music

3. Now, show your musical talent. Whistle the melody of the desired song or hum the passage you know, for 10 to 15 seconds, and wait.

what is Google music
Source: How-To Geek / Reproduction

4. Next, the app will display results that have some resemblance to the searched song, including the percentage of correspondence and information such as name, author and lyrics. If you haven’t found it, tap on “More results”.

what is Google musicSource: How-To Geek / Reproduction

5. If for some reason the function is unable to identify the song, the message “Unable to find a match” will be displayed. When you tap “Try again”, it will be possible to redo the search.

It is worth remembering that the identification of the song by singing or whistling can also be done through the Google Assistant. In this case, just ask the virtual assistant “What is the song?” and repeat the remaining steps to perform the search.


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