How to know the maximum Netflix quality you can use on your Android


Netflix is ​​one of the best and most used streaming video services. With his own production and many well-known titles, he faces fierce competition and wants to earn his place in the market.

One of the advantages of this service is that it is on all platforms, especially the furniture where it is used a lot. Today we show how you can easily see the maximum quality that Netflix can use on an Android smartphone.

Useful information that this app offers

One of the advantages of using mobile devices to access Netflix is ​​the portability it offers. Whether previously downloading the contents or via Internet access, we are sure of what we will have. Of course, it matters to know what we can get out of there.

The Android app has some relevant and important information present, in addition to all the movies and series. It allows the user to know the maximum Netflix quality that can be used on that Android device.

Netflix limitations on each smartphone

To know this information, you must first have the app to run. Then you should access the access area for the different Netflix settings. To do this, click in the zone with the 3 dashes and the name Mais, located in the right area of ​​the Android app.

Inside, they must then choose the Application Settings option and then select the Reproduction Specification option. The information you are looking for is in the Play area of ​​this new area that you opened on the Android Android app.

The maximum quality of the video that is supported

The value that you see in Maximum reproduction resolution will be the amount that you will be able to have in this app. Of course, it depends on several factors, from the hardware present to the network conditions that exist. In this same area you can also see information about DRM and others.

This is simple but very important information. It can explain why a smartphone cannot play videos in a higher quality than SD, for example. Check and see what you can expect from this Android on Netflix.


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