How to return to receive INSS benefits after “grace period”?


Workers who suspend their contribution to the National Social Security Institute (INSS), whether due to resignation or having run out of income to collect on their own, can continue to receive social security benefits for some period. The rule also applies to policyholders who have had disability benefits and pensions terminated.

The “grace period”, the interval in which it is possible to receive benefits without being contributing, varies from three to 36 months (3 years), depending on the type of taxpayer. After that time, it is necessary to return to the INSS to continue to be entitled to social security benefits.

Grace Period Deadlines

The extension of the grace period depends on the benefits the insured received, the payment can vary from 36 to 3 months:

36 months: insured who was dismissed and received unemployment insurance or registered with Sine and also has more than 120 consecutive or interspersed contributions, but without losing the quality of insured;

24 months: rule valid for the insured person who has more than 120 consecutive or interspersed contributions. It is valid for the payment of the disability benefit or maternity salary or after dismissal or the last mandatory payment. The term also counts for the dismissed person who does not have 120 contributions, but received unemployment insurance or registered with Sine;

12 months: applies to those who were fired or made a mandatory contribution (self-employed); also for citizens who had been detained or arrested and the insured with termination of sickness benefits, disability retirement and maternity pay;

6 months: term for the INSS policyholder to collect as optional. This type of taxpayer is not required to pay the INSS;

3 months: within this period, whoever served in the military.

How to return to receive INSS benefits?

In order to receive INSS benefits again, the insured must contribute again, in the case of individual and optional taxpayers, they can be made via the Social Security Guide (GPS) obtained on the INSS website. After resuming payments, the required grace period varies according to the benefit sought by the insured.

In case of doubts, contact the INSS Call Center at 135. The service is available from Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 10 pm in Brasília time.

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