Huawei’s end could be a bomb in the smartphone market!


No one ever thought that this day could come, but the Huawei Mate 40 may very well be the last top of the range from this manufacturer. The American war and persecution started by leaving Huawei without Google services. Then there were some components and now you can’t even get your hands on the new chipsets. Times are really dark for this manufacturer, which, after having come to dominate the smartphone market, may fall to seventh position next year. At least that’s what analysts say. But what impact could the end of Huawei have on the smartphone market?

Huawei’s end could be a bomb in the smartphone market!

The worst possible impact and users are that they will pay the bill.

No, this is not a defense article for Huawei. This is a fact-finding article.

Huawei smartphone market

Competition is what guarantees the most benefits for users. In this field I speak of price, but also of technological innovations.

For a long time, photography has never been a real priority for smartphones. Of course, we all wanted a good camera, but things have not evolved as they have in recent years. This became more evident from the Huawei P8. I remember perfectly the presentation event in which light painting was highlighted.

Huawei smartphone market

As time went by, many other innovations arrived and Huawei got better and better in photography. In fact, in recent years it has dominated DxOMark.

Of course, this led to other manufacturers trying to do the same. The megapixel war started, with Samsung doing everything in its power to improve the cameras. Thanks to this titanic fight, we had access to very interesting technologies. Periscopic lenses, variable aperture, all served for a very fierce fight between two giants. Of course, in the middle of it all, we won.

Then this fight always ends up ensuring that no one gets too far in prices. It’s just that if a top-of-the-range is too expensive, people will eventually turn to another.

Huawei smartphone market

Huawei’s role was decisive in the smartphone market. It was the engine for some established manufacturers to get off the pedestal and start to struggle with everything they have.

Huawei threatened everyone, including the apple giant that it even overtook for some time.

Now with Huawei saying goodbye to the smartphone market, there is a great void that will hardly be filled. Of course, there is Xiaomi that has interesting equipment. However, it is still a long way from what Huawei has managed to do. Then there is Samsung, which makes excellent equipment, but who needs someone to fight it on an equal footing to maintain innovation at all costs.

That is, if Huawei disappears from smartphones and turns to other areas, I fear a slowdown in the smartphone market. At least, in the technological field. Whoever remains will no longer have to launch so many things to shine. This is because there is no longer a threat on the horizon.

If it is really the end of Huawei in the smartphone market, we will lose a lot and eventually it will take us more years to reach the great innovations. People will have to be content with what is there. A giant in the Android world and the giant Apple. Do you like Leak? We count on you! Follow us on Google News. Click here and then Follow.

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