Huck deletes photo with Robinho after recordings about rape case


Presenter Luciano Huck deleted the photo he had next to the player Robinho, who was convicted in the first instance for sexual violence in Italy. The photo was taken during the recording of a series of the program Caldeirão do Huck, in 2006. Check out other photos deleted by the presenter edit

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247 – Presenter Luciano Huck deleted the photo he had next to the player Robinho, who was first convicted of rape in Italy. Recordings of the conversation of a former Brazilian National team striker with his friends involved in the case were released. The athlete even said: “I’m laughing because I don’t care, the woman was completely drunk, she doesn’t even know what happened”.

The photo was taken while recording a series of the program Huck’s cauldron, in 2006, when Huck visited Real Madrid’s training center, according to reports published by Diario do Centro do Mundo.

The presenter had also deleted photos with politicians such as ex-president FHC, ex-minister of justice Sérgio Moro, federal deputy Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), and even with senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), caught this week with R $ 30 thousand in cash in his underwear.

Below is a collection of photos deleted by Luciano Huck, according to the DCM:

Chico Rodrigues, the pocket senator caught with R $ 30,000 between his buttocks

bozo and boy

Junior Durski, pocket owner of the fast food chain Madero

huck e junior durski

Aécio Neves, who needs no introduction

huck with aecio

Entrepreneur Joesley Batista, involved in corruption scandals

huck batista

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