Human tests show another Chinese vaccine promises to be effective against Covid-19, says Lancet magazine


Named BBIBP-CorV, another Chinese vaccine proved to be safe and triggered immune responses after initial and intermediate stage tests in humans edit

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Sputnik The race to get a vaccine against Covid-19 won a new strong candidate, according to a statement from Lancet magazine released on Thursday (15).

BBIBP-CorV is being developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, a subsidiary of the National Biotechnology Group of China (CNBG).

It has even been approved for an emergency vaccination program in China, aimed at essential workers and other groups of people who face high risk of infection.

BBIBP-CorV includes a mixture of the killed virus with another component, aluminum hydroxide, called an adjuvant because it is known to increase immune responses.

To prove the vaccine’s effectiveness, the final phase three tests, which are ongoing outside China, are still awaited.

The Lancet publication points out that this Chinese vaccine, like the other, did not cause serious side effects, but only mild adverse reactions, such as fever and pain at the injection site.

The results released on Thursday (15) came from a combined trial between phases one and two, involving more than 600 healthy adults and conducted between April 29 and July 30.

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