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HARD BATTLE: The two giants fought and fought, and in the end it was Karianne Vilde Wølner who could stretch her arms in the air. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2

The repatriated “Farmen” participant (23) initially refused to give his “superior” a hug after the duel, but eventually took it in stride. – I clicked completely, she says.

A dramatic “Farmen” week is over and on Sunday it was Wiktoria Rønning who had to travel home from the farm after an intense and over 50 minutes long duel in tug of war against Karianne Wilde Wølner (26).

– The first five minutes I thought “Heck, this will never work”. But then it turned more and more into a mental battle, and then I thought I could stand there until the next day. But then I started to bleed and get blisters on my hands, and just struggled to grab the rope, Rønning says to VG.

On TV, there was clearly a bad mood between the two giants when it became clear that the first giant chose Karianne Vilde Wølner to fight. Wølner believed that the two had an agreement not to choose each other.

Did you see this one? Here, Mads Hansen settles with the “Farmen” participants:

– Karianne was a bit shocked I think. I do not think she expected it, so it was probably a bit of a bad mood. Ampert. But we are friends again, that is. It is the competitive instinct in me that emerges.

It was the competitive instinct that made the mood a little above average amps even during the match itself. When everything was settled, she screamed, before tears flowed.

– I managed to miss the checkout with one horseshoe, so I feel that she won my mistake. To be completely honest, I do not even know what happened afterwards. I remember that I was wearing a harness, and that I shouted “Look to h … to get this harness off me”. I clicked completely. Even though I’m a competitive person, I will not win unless it is deserved. That’s why I was so damned, because I was not so tired and thought I was going to win. I felt that the fight was mine, she says.

– What do you think in retrospect about the bad mood between you?

– From my side, it was not personal, although it may seem like that in the program. I’m getting really sick! But she probably knows that I did not mean anything more with it, I also said after the match sorry to her that I was a “bitch”. I was really angry.

Now it carries into the side competition “Torpet” for the 23-year-old. She had little idea that the trip went there, because according to her, several of the participants suspected that “Torpet” did not become something of this time, as a result of the corona situation.

– The last thing I thought about, it was “Torpet”. In fact, I could not care less.

HAD TO TRAVEL: Wiktoria Rønning is out of «The Farm». She reacted strongly after the loss was a fact. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2

To VG, Karianne Vilde Wølner makes no secret of the fact that she was very tired after a hesitant duel.

– It was quite brutal. But it was really fun to win. It was pretty even, but when I got the first horse cow up I thought for a small millisecond that we should start again and stopped. Then she got a horseshoe up. But it worked out in the end, and the truth is that I was better, she thinks.

SILENCE BEFORE THE STORM: Wiktoria Rønning and Karianne Vilde Wølner did not appear on TV as very good friends ahead of Sunday’s duel. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2

She explains the bad mood between her and Rønning in this way:

– Wiktoria made a lot of drama and nonsense after being chosen as the first champion. We talked about that I could be elected second fighter, but she said that if she was going to do it – then she would choose me as a big farmer. I said it was fair, but that I wanted her to say no if she decided to choose me, so that I could be prepared. She said nothing. I still expected her to choose me after she stopped talking to me at some point.


After making her choice, she said I was the easiest prey. She was really “cocky”, so yes, there was a bad mood between us.

SAID GOODBYE: The repatriated “Farmen” participant got a close relationship with Kjetil Kirk inside the farm. On Sunday, they said goodbye to each other. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2

The 26-year-old confirms that the opponent in Sunday’s duel played ugly words during the match. But she did not take it very seriously.

– Sometimes I just laughed at it and rolled my eyes. I think it was stupid, after all she was the one who chose me, not the other way around. In addition to the fact that we actually had an agreement that we should not choose each other, says Wølner, who is said to have tried to give Rønning a hug right after the match was over.

– But she would not give me a hug right away, she refused. She was so angry. She was crying. It was very dramatic, and very silly for all of us around. They just sat and watched. We finally gave each other a hug at the end there. It was nice that she apologized, but I do not resent it anyway. I won.

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After the decision was made, the TV viewers also got to see the repatriated participant say an emotional goodbye to Kjetil Kirk (27), with whom she has had good chemistry on the farm. After “The Farm” began to roll on the screen, there has been something secretive about a possible romance.

– What’s the status there, Victoria?

– I’m single, I’m, so to speak.

– Can there be anything then?

– It’s a little difficult to say. But we will only see what happens, says the “Farm” participant to VG – still somewhat secretive.

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