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Moa had a brilliant football career, but after a serious knee injury he resigned three years ago. Since then, he has continued to have roles in football. He was player coordinator in Vålerenga and he also has our football expert in Viasat.

But now he is taking a new path, even if it means that he will earn far less money.

– Yes, I could have lit more money in football, but if it is important? Not at all. Finance is one of the last things I think about here, says Moa.

Follows a new dream

Moa had an early dream of becoming a football player, and one can easily say that he is closed. He started his career in Skeid, and in 2008 was picked up by Vålerenga. In the course of three seasons, he scored 30 goals for the Oslo club.

NATIONAL TEAM SUCCESS: Here Moa scores on penalties against Sweden in 2013.

Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB

This led to the German Hannover buying him, also there he became a success. He also established himself as an important player for the Norwegian national team. After a quarter as the football dream had been achieved, he began to get a new goal.

– Working with children and young people has been a dream for me. So when we now close one chapter and open the new one, it is a new dream that comes true, says Moa with a smile on her face.

We meet Moa on one of his first working days as an environmental teacher at Apalløkka school in Oslo. It is clear that the former football player has great respect among the students, because the tenth graders listen carefully when he gives them instructions and feedback.

– It has been very nice. I have been well received, and I look forward to being here, says Moa with a big grin on her face.

The students sit in a circle in the gymnasium and listen to Moa who evaluates the gym class.

FOLLOWS WELL: The students listen carefully when Moa speaks.

Photo: Gunnar Bratthammer / NRK

According to him, a career change was something he decided to do a long time ago.

– It did not matter if I did it. It was just a question of when, he said.

At the school located in Groruddalen, many of the students have a minority background. Moa herself has parents from Morocco.

– The fact that I have a different background is of course positive. They can probably relate to me. I have had a pretty similar upbringing as they have, he says.

Friends who became criminals

In the media we get the right stories about juvenile delinquency in Oslo. Moa herself grew up on Sinsen in Oslo. He describes his own upbringing as good, but he does not rule out that things could have looked different, if it were not for football.

– I look back on what the sport gave me. One never knows at the age between 13 and 16 years, then a lot happens. For my part, it was a bit like: “Should I bet on football or not?”, And then one does not really know what kind of road it can take. I have friends who took a completely different path, which did not go so well, says Moa seriously.


GREAT CAREER: Moa won the cup with Vålerenga in 2008.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

What kind of destiny are we talking about then, when you say that it did not go so well?

– I have friends that I grew up with, who fell a little outside and ended up in a criminal environment. Which fortunately has gotten out of it now. These are things one does not think about until later, and when we talk about it now. The safe environment I had with football and all the friends around, for me it was just what mattered. But then there is another who does not think that football or sports is so fun, and wants to do other things, but who may not get an equally good offer in another city, and who then falls outside. It’s sad, Moa replies.

– Give them the opportunity

For Moa, it is about seeing the young people, and making them feel that they are being taken care of.

It’s about opening doors for them. Give them the opportunity. They must of course make a choice and choose their path, but we must at least do what we can to give the best opportunities, he says.

He believes it is important that young people with a minority background have hopes and ambitions. He himself is proof that they can become real.

Mohammed "Moa" Abdellaoue stands on the side and watches the students play football.

DREAM BIG: Moa thinks it is important that young people have a passion for something.

Photo: Gunnar Bratthammer / NRK

– They should be allowed to dream big. No matter where you come from and what you look like, you have the opportunity to close. I know that I am a role model for some young people and these are the experiences I want to use. They must have a threat to themselves, no matter what happens. Decide on something and you will go for it 100 percent. You should not let anyone tell you that you can not do it, says Moa enthusiastically.


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