‘I don’t have the patience to play games’


At 62, Sharon Stone no longer wants to know about romance. The actress told her friend Drew Barrymore, while participating in her talk show, the reasons why she is no longer looking for dating.

“I think people are dishonest, and they don’t deserve my time. I like being alone, or with my kids and friends,” she said. “And I no longer have the patience to play games.”

Sharon also cited that men and women are “in very different places” today, and that it discourages her from thinking about winning new love.

“I have many male friends who are great, but I think that when it comes to maturity for a relationship, they are a long way from women,” he reflected.

Feminist children

Drew asked her friend if this view of men influenced how Sharon raised her three children: Quinn (14 years old), Laird (15 years old) and Roan (20 years old). The actress asked her colleague if she tried to put feminist notions in the minds of the little ones.

“Yes, sometimes we are at home and they start having a dirty conversation with men in front of me, then they say: ‘We shouldn’t talk about it in front of Mom’. And I answer: ‘They shouldn’t talk to anyone like that. Why talking like that? ‘”he said.

Sharon added that he tries to “teach his children that traditionally masculine notions of what it means to be powerful or important may not even benefit them.”

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