“I find myself without salt”


Special guest of “OtaLab” of Twitter this Thursday (22), Priscilla Alcântara opened her heart and spoke about her migration from television to the digital world a few years ago. And look, his answer left even Otaviano Costa surprised by the revelation of the hugely successful gospel singer on the web.

I didn’t think I would be able to migrate from TV to the internet. I thought people didn’t like me and, without making me a victim, I find myself without salt!

Is that serious, Priscilla?

Subsequently, the artist was asked by Ota if she still places herself in this place of self-sabotage.

I think the opposite. This whole platform helped me to find who I really am. The platform, despite being critical and of various opinions, today affects me more to find my goal than the opposite

One of Bruna Marquezine’s closest friends, Priscilla also spoke during the conversation with Ota which mania she discovered that the actress has after traveling together to Angola.

Bruna has some crazy ideas. There was a day when she appeared to me with two birds and took care of them as a mother. Made everyone babysit the birds for a few days

The singer also said that she has a great desire to work with a script because she has numerous ideas that would yield. Send a bullet, Pri!


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